Valley Shuttle Rider Alert 8/2/2021

Road paving work on Kelly Rd NE (between Carnation & Duvall) will close the road between August 1, 2021, and late September 2021.  The Valley Shuttle will be rerouted onto Fay Rd NE for the duration of the construction, there will be no stops serviced on Kelly Rd.  The Valley Shuttle will return to the normal route at the Stillwater Church.

The reroute should not have a significant impact on the bus schedule for the Valley Shuttle.  If you have any questions, please call Snoqualmie Valley Transportation at 425-888-7001.

Valley Shuttle Reroute in Snoqualmie

May 10-16, 2021

Due to the bridge closure on Highway 202 at the Snoqualmie River Bridge, the Valley Shuttle will be re-routed.

North Bound (towards Fall City) – The route will turn right at River St & Railroad Ave SE. Riders will be able to catch the bus at the covered bus stop between the Church and the Eagles, or at the corner of Railroad and Newton. There will be no pickups at Adventure Bowling (Stop 82425) or at Railroad and Northern (Stop 64333). The route will return at the Snoqualmie Falls (stop 64395).

South Bound (towards North Bend) – The bus will turn off the route at the Tokul traffic circle. Riders will be able to catch the bus at Railroad and Newton (stop 64332) this is normally a northbound stop. The reroute will bypass Railroad Ave & Snoqualmie Parkway (stop 64397).

If you have any questions, please call us at 425-888-7001.

RIDER ALERT 4/27/21 9:35

The Duvall-Monroe Shuttle will be running approximately 1 hour behind schedule after the 10:32 stop at the YMCA in Monroe. We anticipate that the route will return to service at the YMCA at 12:04.

If you have any questions please call 425-888-7001.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Valley Shuttle Rider Alert 4/14/21

The northbound Valley Shuttle leaving Fall City at 6:55 pm will not be using Highway 203 due to an unrelated accident. The bus will return to the route at the Tolt Hill Bridge south of Carnation. The bus will not miss any stops during this reroute.

Please check back to see if there are any delays on the southbound trip. We expect the route to return to normal starting on the first northbound run leaving Fall City at 5:35 am. Call 425.888.7001 if you have any questions.

Valley Shuttle Rider Alert 4/12/21

There is ongoing roadwork on Highway 203 in Carnation that is interfering with the regular bus stops in the area at Hwy 203 and Bird St. At this time we are recommending people wishing to take a northbound trip towards Duvall to meet the bus at the Carnation Library stop.
If you have any questions call us at 425.888.7001.

Rider Update 2/15/21

Snoqualmie Valley Transportation is expecting to operate on a regular schedule on Tuesday. Due to the ongoing transition out of the recent storms some of our bus routes may experience restrictions or delays.  For further information call 425-888-7001 or check our website

Valley Shuttle, Duvall-Monroe Shuttle, Downtown Loop, Ridge Loop, Cedar Fall Loop are anticipated to run without restrictions. There may be minor delays, deviations may be restricted.

Demand Response Service- If your road has significant snow or slush you may be asked to walk to the nearest plowed road.  Please call if you have questions at 425-888-7001.

Downtown Loop and Ridge Loop rerouted at Newton St Snoqualmie 1/20/21

Due to a road closure, the Downtown Loop and the Ridge Loop will bypass the Falls & Newton stop. Both routes will continue north on Park St and continue their normal routes using River St. Pick-up points will be at Riverview Park and at Falls and River St in front of the Valley Record Office.

If you have any questions please call us at 425.888.7001.