Valley Shuttle Rerouted for Railroad Days!

With the set up for Railroad Days in full swing in Old Town Snoqualmie, the Valley Shuttle is being rerouted. We will be following the detour going northbound on Maple St and southbound on Silva St between Newton St to Fir St.
Northbound the reroute will miss bus stops 64332 (Railroad and Newton) and stop 82425 (Adventure Bowl).
Southbound the reroute will miss bus stop 64399 (Hwy 202 and River St.)
Please call us at 425-888-7001 if you have any questions.

July 26 2019 Traffic Delays Affecting Routes

Running Late
Valley Shuttle (alt. 629) northbound leaving Snoqualmie Casino at 3:07
is currently running: 15 minutes late due to heavy traffic in the Snoqualmie and North Bend area.

We expect to be back on schedule by Duvall stop at 4:19.

Please note that heavy traffic is also affecting the Downtown Loop, Cedar Falls Loop and to a lesser extent the Ridge Loop.

Thank you for your patience!

Valley Shuttle Rider Alert 4/8/19

Due to a closure on Big Rock, the Valley Shuttle has been rerouted. This reroute will add an additional 5-10 minute to the routes run time. The Valley Shuttle has to be rerouted as follows:
North Bound: the bus will deviate off of Big Rock Rd and continue onto Fay Rd to Highway 203 where it will continue north. When the bus reaches Big Rock Rd it will turn right on Big Rock Rd to the Big Rock Sports Field where it will turn around and continue the route as normal. This will bypass the section of Big Rock Rd from Fay Rd to Big Rock Sports Field.
South Bound: the bus will turn around at the Big Rock Sports Field and return to Highway 203. The bus will run southbound on Hwy 203 to Fay Rd. The bus will turn on to Fay Rd and continue to Big Rock Rd. The bus will resume its normal route. This will bypass the section of Big Rock Rd from the Big Rock Sports Field to Fay Rd.