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Door-to-door SVT bus service expands to all of Valley, plus Monroe

Door-to-door bus service has expanded in the Snoqualmie Valley, covering the valley communities from North Bend to Snoqualmie, Fall City, Preston, Carnation, Duvall and now, the city of Monroe.  Residents throughout the Snoqualmie Valley can get to and from their auto repair shops, medical appointments, farmers markets, food banks and other destinations on a Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT) bus.

SVT’s shared ride service has been serving the Valley for 15 years and is open to all riders, age 13 or older. The new expanded service area from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. Fares are $1 per person.

To schedule a ride with door-to-door service, call 425-888-7001 at least one day in advance of your trip. Be sure to give the date, time and complete addresses for your pickup and drop-off locations and to specify if you need assistance in boarding the bus.

With three to five days’ notice, schedulers are better able to consolidate routes within the communities. Same-day ride requests will be accommodated on a space-available basis

Once your ride is scheduled, SVT will confirm the appointment by phone. Plan to be at your pickup location about 15 minutes ahead of schedule, as the schedule can vary slightly. If you’d like to get an estimated time of arrival, you can call SVT at 425-888-7001 about 20 minutes before your ride is scheduled, to find out how close the bus is to you.

All buses are marked with “SVT” on the front, and all buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and bike racks.

Drivers will typically pick up several riders before delivering them to their respective destinations, so trips may take longer than you expect. Schedulers work to keep rides direct, while also keeping the service cost-effective.

To cancel a ride, call SVT at least an hour in advance of the scheduled ride.

The Preston service excludes the Mitchell Hill area.

SVT also provides the Valley Shuttle service, getting people to their destinations throughout the Valley between North Bend to Duvall, and fixed route loops routes between Snoqualmie and North Bend and a loop between North Bend and Rattlesnake Lake. Some riders may be referred to these routes, depending on their needs.

Learn more about the door-to-door service, the Valley Shuttle and the loop route services at, or call 425-888-7001.

About Snoqualmie Valley Transportation: Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT) is a project of Mt. Si Senior Center. SVT began its services in 2003 with funding assistance from Snoqualmie Indian Tribe, King County Metro Transit, and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

For additional information, contact Snoqualmie Valley Transportation at 425-888-7001.

Duvall to Monroe Shuttle

2016 – 7.12 Mountains to Sound Greenway – New Bus Route to Rattlesnake Lake

2016-5.15 Snoqualmie Valley Record–New bus service to Wilderness Rim, Riverbend, and trailhead

2016 – 5.26 Snoqualmie Valley Shuttle Launches New Route – Living Snoqualmie



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