Rider Alerts

Interstate 90 Westbound Closed Due to Landslide

Interstate 90 Westbound is closed due to a landslide.  All traffic is being diverted to Highway 202.  Please note that traffic conditions on Highway 202, Snoqualmie Parkway and Highway 18 Interchange are going to be heavier than normal this morning.  Anyone trying to catch routes #208, #628, #232 or #224 please note there may be delays.  We will update you as changes come in.  Thank you for riding with Snoqualmie Valley Transportation.

SVT is open again – Still Icy out there –

Schools open two hours late with limited transportation, Reminder for student riders to call us if you need to try to reschedule.  Cedar Falls Loop, Valley Shuttle routes, Downtown Loop and Demand Responce will be running today.   Riders may be asked to walk out to clearer plowed areas to catch the bus.  Roads are still full of icy chunky snow in some places and we are waiting for it to warm up again.  For Valley Shuttle we are staying on 203 and bypassing Stillwater and Kelly Rd.