Major Storm headed for Snoqualmie Valley

Washington State is about to get hit with a series of storms starting tonight. The first brings heavy rain and strong winds along the coast, the second brings strong winds with heavy rain at times, and the third hits us with heavy rains and powerful winds. Right now the system building off the coast is looking as strong as a category 2-3 hurricane. Some models are predicting this could be as bad as the 1962 Columbus Day storm.


In 2006 SVT assisted in evacuating many unprepared Snoqualmie Valley residents to shelters. Please prepare yourself and make sure you have enough food, water, and supplies to last a week or more without power.

During a storm we may be forced to limit our services so please make the necessary preparations. Check back often for updates on our service.

You can follow weather updates at the following links:

King 5 News

Kiro 7 News

If you require emergency assistance during the storm call 911

Other phone numbers you may require:

Snoqualmie Valley Transportation: 425-888-7001

Snoqualmie Police Department: 425-888-3333

Snoqualmie Fire Department: 425-888-1551

Eastside Fire & Rescue (North Bend): 425-313-3200


Comcast Outages During Severe Weather Conditions

Provided by the City of North Bend on Behalf of Comcast:

In light of the anticipated incoming storms, Comcast has activated their incident management processes for the next couple of days. During this time, they will be working closely with our local Power Companies to respond and recover as the Power Companies deem the impacted areas as safe. Visit the below link which will help to explain Comcast’s storm readiness and response as we enter the wet and windy season.

To report an outage or to speak with a Comcast Representative, please call 1 – (800) Comcast or through your “My Account” App which provides customers direct system connections status information without the need for calling into the call center.

Comcast Storm Readiness & Response

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