With snow in the forecast, SVT may limit or cancel service if road conditions become too hazardous. If this happens, and you have a door-to-door ride we will call to let you know and work with you to reschedule your ride for when conditions improve.  We will also be posting regular updates on both our Facebook page and our Website (www SVT  Route updates will also be sent to the cities.

If your ride is not essential, consider canceling or rescheduling during adverse weather conditions. This reduces the chance for travel-related delays and helps us serve those who must make essential trips.

If you choose to ride with SVT during hazardous conditions, please be sure to have an alternative form of transportation to get back.  Though SVT will try our best not to leave anyone stranded, if roads become too unsafe for our drivers to drive on, we cannot guarantee your return ride.

Please make sure you are prepared. Dress warmly, be ready early and don’t forget to call us at (425) 888-7001.

For our dialysis riders, keep in mind the cold weather and possible road closures can affect your treatment. It’s important that you call your Snoqualmie Ridge Dialysis so you know what your options are if we can’t get to you. It’s good to know this information in advance and they’ll be happy to help you. They can also give you your medical options. Their number is 425-396-7090.


During extreme weather conditions, SVT may be forced to limit service levels using the following guidelines:

Code Yellow -General Snow Conditions (from 1 to 3”) : Some geographic areas and/or specific site service may be restricted if severe snow and ice exist. Communications will occur directly with the customer involved or through the web site.
Code Orange -Extreme Snow Conditions (black ice, poor visibility due to heavy snow fall, 3 to 6”: Additional restrictions may be made to service areas, service hours, number of daily allowed trips or trip purposes. Priority service will be made for dialysis patients, medical,
Code Red-Critical Snow Conditions:  This status is declared when public safety is in question and service delivery is shut down. SVT will make every effort to provide emergency service for life sustaining trips.

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