Bike & Ride

Most SVT buses are equipped with bike racks to carry two conventional single seat, two-wheeled bicycles.
If the bike rack is already full, you may ask the driver if there is space inside the bus for you to store your bike. Approval will depend on the number of riders already on board and your destination. If the driver can accommodate you, the bike will be loaded in the wheelchair securement area. You will need to remain with the bike throughout the trip to ensure that it is secure at all times. If a person using a wheelchair boards the bus, you will be asked to move your bike to the outside if space is available or exit the bus.
When calling to schedule a trip, be sure to tell the scheduler that you will be bringing a bicycle. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading their bicycles. Make sure the driver is aware that you will be removing your bike when you exit the bus. Use extreme caution when leaving the bus stop and never cross in front of the bus. If you have any questions about how the bike racks operate, or you want to practice loading and unloading your bike before your first ride, let a customer service representative know and assistance will be provided.