Valley Shuttle (ALT 629) rerouting 7/15/20 due to road closure.

The Valley Shuttle will be rerouted north of Carnation resulting in a 20-minute delay on northbound route for all stops north of Carnation. Southbound will be delayed from Carnation (including Carnation) by 20 minutes.
Due to the closure, we will not be accessing HWY 203 between NE Carnation Farm Rd and NE Stillwater Hill Rd.
It is anticipated that the route will be able to return to the normal schedule after 4:00 pm.
If you have any questions, please call us at 425-888-7001.

Snoqulamie Casino Route Update 6/3/2020

SVT revised the route through Snoqualmie Casino while it is closed to the general public. We are entering by the Crescent Market and following the route shown on the accompanying map. Pick up points (noted with stars) are at the Crescent Market, near the Employee Entrance, and across from Valet. If you have any questions please call us at 425-888-7001.

New Public Health Directive Starting May 18, 2020

Starting May 18th, there was a new Public Health Directive that requires passengers on transit service to wear Masks. Beginning May 26th, SVT will comply with this mandate by requesting both our drivers and riders to wear masks or face coverings while traveling on our buses. SVT drivers will have masks available to riders who do not have one. We trust that all riders will comply to the extent they can, acknowledging that wearing a face-covering poses unique challenges for some. These individuals, along with children under the age of two, are exempt from this directive. It is not always apparent who has an exemption, so other riders should avoid the temptation to police other passengers who are not wearing a mask. People exempt from following this directive is as follows:
Some people do not need to follow this directive, including:

• Children ages 2 years and younger. Babies and toddlers under age two should never wear cloth face coverings.
• Children ages 2-12 years. Children in this age group should only wear a face covering if a parent or caregiver supervises to make sure it’s worn safely.
• Anyone with a disability that makes it hard for them to wear or remove a face covering.
• Anyone who is deaf and moves their face and mouth to communicate.
• Anyone who has been advised by a medical professional to not wear a face-covering because of personal health issues.
• Anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, or unable to remove the face covering without help.

SVT will reinforce the directive through your ride reminders and when booking your rides. SVT will also have masks on the buses to accommodate riders who do not have one. Drivers and Office staff will continue to provide safety support as well as offer guidance to the best of our ability. Additional information can be found at…/health/covid-19/care/masks.aspx