Civil Penalties

Infractions can result in a citation and fine up to $250.

1. Bringing onto an SVT bus any package or other object which blocks an aisle or stairway or occupies a seat if to do so would, in the driver’s sole discretion, cause a danger to, or displace, riders or expected riders
2. Allowing any animal to occupy a seat on transit property, to run at large without a leash, to unreasonably disturb others, or obstruct flow of passenger or bus traffic. An animal may occupy a rider’s lap while in a bus
3. Allowing his or her animal to leave waste on the bus
4. Eating or drinking, with the following exception: Drinking a nonalcoholic beverage from a container designed to prevent spillage is permitted on the bus.
5. Riding bus for the purpose of sleeping rather than for their intended transportation-related purposes
6. Extending an object or a portion of one’s body through the door or window of a bus while it is in motion
7. Hanging or swinging on bars or stanchions, with feet off the floor, inside a vehicle; hanging onto or otherwise attaching oneself at any time to the exterior of a bus