No Show Policy

It is the policy of SVT to record each rider’s No-Show and apply appropriate sanctions when the rider establishes a pattern or practice of excessive No-Shows. The policy is necessary in order to recognize the negative impact No-Shows have on the service provided to other riders. A No-Show is a trip that has not been canceled at least one hour prior to the scheduled pick up time. If the rider doesn’t board the vehicle within 2-3 minutes of the vehicle’s arrival, as long as the driver is within the pickup window, the rider will be charged a No-Show. When a rider cancels their trip with less than one hour’s notice and/or doesn’t show up for a pre-scheduled trip, it denies other riders the opportunity to use the service. Riders who schedule service and repeatedly No-Show or have excessive late cancellations, will be suspended from the service.

SVT schedules pick up and return trips separately. We assume that all scheduled trips are needed unless notice is given by the rider or their representative. If a rider is a No-Show on their first trip of the day, SVT will not automatically cancel other trips scheduled for that day. If a rider does not need the other trips on that day, they need to call and cancel them as soon as possible and no later than one hour prior to the ride’s scheduled pick up time.

A No-Show occurs when:

A rider cancels with less than one hour’s notice OR…

  • There has been no call from the rider (or the rider’s representative) to cancel the scheduled trip time AND
  • The vehicle arrives at the scheduled location within the 30-minute window AND
  • The operator cannot reasonably see the customer approaching the vehicle after waiting three minutes AND
  • The Dispatch office is notified. At this time, Dispatch will verify that the operator is at the correct location.


 Number of no shows which will cause SVT to suspend service
If a rider has booked this many rides in a month: # of no-shows in a month to suspend service:
4-16 (approx. 1-4 rides/week) 3
17-21 (approx. 4-5 rides/week) 4
22- 36 (approx. 6-9 rides/week) 5
37 or more (approx. 10+rides/week) 6

The number of No-Shows that results in suspension is based on the number of rides booked in a 30-day period.

  • When a rider has exceeded the No-Show allowance in a 30-day period, they will be suspended from using services for a minimum of one week
  • The second suspension will be for a two week period, a third suspension will be for a three week period, and so on.
  • Each suspension increases by seven days within a 12-month period

If the rider has a No-Show, the rider will be notified by phone, and by postcard sent to the mailing address on file, or by email (only by request) within the next five (5) business days. The postcard will notify the rider of how many No-Shows have occurred in the last 30 days. If the passenger feels that the No-Show may be excused, they may appeal as soon as possible.

When the requisite number of No-Shows has been reached to warrant a suspension of service, SVT will send the rider a letter informing them of the suspension with a date given and the length of the suspension. There will be a two-week time period allowed for the rider to make other arrangements and a date will be given.

Riders may appeal a suspension by contacting SVT:

By phone: SVT at 425-888-7001

By FAX:425-888-3837

By email:

By US Mail: PO Box 806 North Bend, WA 98045

Address correspondence to: SVT Director re: No Show.

No-Shows for reasons that are beyond the rider’s control will not be counted.

No-Shows that are not excused include, but are not limited to:

No-Shows are not excused when the trip is not canceled at least one (1) hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time and is missed for one of the following reasons:

  • Rider didn’t want to travel today
  • Rider changed their mind about using appointment
  • Rider didn’t know that he/she had a ride scheduled or was supposed to call to cancel
  • Rider got another ride
  • Rider cancelled ride through improper channel (told driver, employer, senior center, etc.)
  • Rider does not want to ride with specific driver or passenger, or on a specific vehicle

Please be respectful of your fellow riders.