Rider Alerts


Rider Update 2/15/21

Snoqualmie Valley Transportation is expecting to operate on a regular schedule on Tuesday. Due to the ongoing transition out of the recent storms some of our bus routes may experience restrictions or delays.  For further information call 425-888-7001 or check our website www.svtbus.org.

Valley Shuttle, Duvall-Monroe Shuttle, Downtown Loop, Ridge Loop, Cedar Fall Loop are anticipated to run without restrictions. There may be minor delays, deviations may be restricted.

Demand Response Service- If your road has significant snow or slush you may be asked to walk to the nearest plowed road.  Please call if you have questions at 425-888-7001.


Snoqualmie Valley Parkway Northern Entrance closed due to rollover accident.

The northern entrance of the parkway will probably be closed most of Friday morning. A rollover accident involving a logging truck has closed the parkway entrance. This will severely impact the Ridge Loop Shuttle. Please call the office (425-888-7001) if you have any questions about using the Ridge Loop Shuttle today.

Downtown Loop and Ridge Loop rerouted at Newton St Snoqualmie 1/20/21

Due to a road closure, the Downtown Loop and the Ridge Loop will bypass the Falls & Newton stop. Both routes will continue north on Park St and continue their normal routes using River St. Pick-up points will be at Riverview Park and at Falls and River St in front of the Valley Record Office.

If you have any questions please call us at 425.888.7001.