Rider Alerts

SERVICE UPDATE 12/29/21 7:10 AM

SERVICE UPDATE 12/29/21 7:10 AM

Due to existing weather and road conditions, some of SVT’s bus routes may be experiencing restrictions or delays.

For Demand Response:

Riders with door-to-door rides are asked to meet the bus on the nearest plowed road.

For fixed-route service:

Valley Shuttle Route 629 Northbound is running on time

Valley Shuttle Route 629 Southbound out of North Bend is running on time.

For Loop routes: There will be no deviations on the loop routes unless they are on a plow main arterial.

Duvall – Monroe Shuttle is running 2 hours late

Cedar Falls Loop is running on time

Ridge Loop is running on time

Downtown Loop is running on time.

For the latest update call our office at 425.888.7001

Rider Alert 12/26/21

Rider Alert 12/26/21, 11:40 AM

With continuing snow and cold temperatures in the forecast, SVT may limit or cancel service if road conditions become too hazardous. If this happens, and you have a door-to-door ride we will call to let you know and work with you to reschedule your ride for when conditions improve. You may be asked to walk to the nearest plowed road. We will be posting regular updates on both our Facebook page and our Website (www SVT Bus.org). Route updates will also be sent to the cities.

If your ride is not essential, consider canceling or rescheduling during adverse weather conditions. This reduces the chance for travel-related delays and helps us serve those who must make essential trips.
If you choose to ride with SVT during hazardous conditions, please be sure to have an alternative form of transportation to get back. Though SVT will try our best not to leave anyone stranded, if roads become too unsafe for our drivers to drive on, we cannot guarantee your return ride.

Please make sure you are prepared. Dress warmly, be ready early, and don’t forget to call us at (425) 888-7001.

Valley Shuttle Rider Alert 10/21/2021

Due to a tree on a powerline 384th Ave SE in Snoqualmie has been closed. The Valley Shuttle will be rerouted onto Meadowbrook Way SE to Hwy 202.  The buses will return to the route at SE River St and Maple.

A second issue is in Fall City where Hwy 203 is closed in the town.  The bus will not be able to utilize any of the stops in Fall City.

Stops missed Northbound 58395, 58393, 64360, 64370.

Stops missed Southbound 85392, 85394, 64370, 64360.

This reroute will have minimal impact on the timing of the route.

We will update when the situation changes.  If you have any questions call 425-888-7001.