Rider Alerts

Valley Shuttle Rider Alert 10/21/2021

Due to a tree on a powerline 384th Ave SE in Snoqualmie has been closed. The Valley Shuttle will be rerouted onto Meadowbrook Way SE to Hwy 202.  The buses will return to the route at SE River St and Maple.

A second issue is in Fall City where Hwy 203 is closed in the town.  The bus will not be able to utilize any of the stops in Fall City.

Stops missed Northbound 58395, 58393, 64360, 64370.

Stops missed Southbound 85392, 85394, 64370, 64360.

This reroute will have minimal impact on the timing of the route.

We will update when the situation changes.  If you have any questions call 425-888-7001.

Valley Shuttle Running Late

Due to an accident on Fay Rd, the Southbound Valley Shuttle route will be running approximately 25 minutes late between the Duvall and Carnation stops until further notice. The Northbound Valley shuttle will be arriving to Duvall approximately 26 minutes late and will be leaving Duvall about 15 to 20 minutes later than the scheduled time. This delay will not be made up when Valley Shuttle returns to North Bend. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 425-888-7001. Thank you for your patience.