Bus service, rally school, team up to solve shared problems

February 24, 2023

Most people learn rally driving at DirtFish in Snoqualmie for fun – maybe even for their bucket lists. A few, a very lucky few, do it for work.

It really is work, too. When the Snoqualmie Valley Transportation bus drivers report to the racing school, it’s for safety training.

The “slip and slide” course developed by SVT training coordinator Wendy Wright and DirtFish staff, is focused on how to keep buses from slipping and sliding, and how drivers should react if they do.

“It will be on tarmac in different conditions, mud, gravel, and other different surfaces, so you know what it feels like,” explained Josie Rimmer, DirtFish’s Head of Strategy and Women in Motorsports Coordinator. “Just so you know what your vehicle can do…”

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