Summer Freedom Forever: Snoqualmie Valley Transportation joins Metro in announcing free travel for youth, year-round

May 12, 2023

Free transportation for youth is already available throughout summers in the Snoqualmie Valley, but starting Sept. 1, it will be here, and on all King County Metro transit options, year-round. A new Free Youth Transit Pass will replace the use of ORCA cards on Metro routes, and in the Snoqualmie Valley, riders 18 and under will just do what they’ve done all summer, take the bus anywhere they need to go, at no cost.

Snoqualmie Valley Transportation launched its Summer Freedom program in 2019, particularly to help families with children manage their busy summer schedules, and provided more than 1,200 rides to youth in its first year. The program has grown in ridership, and each year, youth ridership between June and July increases substantially, as teens spread the word about the service.

“We are really excited that now it won’t just be ‘Summer Freedom’ and will be more like ‘Forever Freedom’ since the buses will be free for 18 and under all year,” said SVT Executive Director Amy Biggs.

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